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Grow Deep

Simply put, the Christian faith starts with turning our lives over to God and becoming rooted and grounded in love. At First Presbyterian Church of Farmington, we are rooted in Jesus Christ. Seeking and relating to God involves community, study, prayer, and service. And we invite everyone regardless of any life circumstance, personality quirk, issues or hang ups to join us.

Grow Up

We believe that with deep roots and a firm foundation, we can begin to grow spiritually with one another. We can mature into the disciples Christ calls us to be. Growing Up means to become like Jesus, to use Him as a model and guide for life.

Grow Out

Just as important as the things we do inside of our church, we believe that we are called to be a missional church, using every opportunity that we can to reach the community around us both in our immediate vicinity and far away. The church is not a building but a community of believers. In short, we seek to become the kind of place where if our building were to disappear, our ministries would still thrive and flourish.


Welcome to First Presbyterian Church!  Our church vision is to be followers of Jesus who “grow deep, grow up and grow out.”  Following Jesus involves community, study, prayer and service. Study begins in our Christian education program for children, students and adults on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights.  We offer a mid-week tutoring ministry called “Homework Club” to neighborhood children and youth, followed by dinner, and adult Sunday school on contemporary issues, and the Bible.  We worship Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior through traditional and contemporary styles, with no desire to be put into a categories or boxes. Serving one another is extended out beyond the walls of the church by our support of the Presbyterian Church U.S.A. and its wide mission programs throughout the world while also strongly supporting and participating in local mission projects and social needs in our own community.  We at First Presbyterian Church of Farmington seek to be a vibrant family of believers united by our commitment to Jesus Christ and guided by the Scriptures which reflect the grace of God in our common lives. We invite you to come and be a part!

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